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Stepping out of the elevator onto the tiled hallway of the Kimmel Center, Ryan found himself completely lost on the 9th floor of a campus not his own and trying to find Room 907 because he was late. Late for his first club meeting with Circle K, a college community service organization part of the Kiwanis Club of which he was enamored with in High School, Key Club.

Leading down the faded once red, now orange carpeted floors he found room 901, 903, 905 and turning the corner 913. How in the world did that happen? Surely, he must have missed something so he turned back around the corner and no, he wasn't missing anything the numbers jumped from 905 to 913, so he raced around the next corner in his amazement to find 906 and across from it 907. Ryan peeked through the elongated pill shaped window, seeing that the meeting has started without him. He took a deep breath and pushed the door open and the doors hinges squealed like a pig at a county fair and all eyes in the room darted toward his direction question who would interrupt their meeting. Fortunately for Ryan there were only 6 people in the room, 4 undoubtedly officers standing at the front of the room and 2 what Ryan Deduced could only be members dispersed at opposite ends of the room.

Before Ryan could say anything one of the "members" stood up and asked, "Are you Ryan?"

"Yes," Ryan spoke hesitantly as he creeped ever so slightly towards a chair in the back.

"Great! I'm Mary, I'm so glad you could make it to our meeting! Up here we have Chelsea our President, Tracey our VP, Nicole our Treasurer, and Juan our Secretary."


Nicole enjoys making the most of her life by helping others whenever she can, keeping fit and ready for action, and taking long walks with Mei (the Poochin) on a lazy Sunday afternoon. She also enjoys baking desserts that she knows she shouldn't eat and sharing those said desserts with friends.



Ryan enjoys bringing friends together who haven't met each other, hosting and feeding people until they're stuffed to the brim without room for dessert (and we all know there's always room for dessert, except with Ryan), and dancing the night away to old school Salsa and Bachata. When on vacation you can find him attached to his camera all day and night followed by his backpack and tripod.


Mei enjoys chasing squirrels out of their wits, acting like a cat on her perch next to the computer desk, and stalking her humans like a hawk looking for food to accidentally fall off the cutting board. Her bark is absolutely worse than her bite, as her bark was once described as "soul piercing." When she wants something she will use one of 1,000 voices she uses just to let you know she could talk if she wanted.


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